ISSB Test Dates Schedule and Requirements 2023

The Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) has officially announced the ISSB Test Dates 2023 Schedule for Army, PAF, and Navy candidates. This program spans five days and is designed to recruit Commissioned Officers for the Army, Navy, and Air Forces. The ISSB Test entails a series of internal evaluations, including the Mechanical Aptitude Test, Personality Tests, Intelligence test, and final medical selection.

To qualify for the ISSB Test, candidates must first clear an entry test and undergo an initial medical examination. Once these criteria are met, candidates are invited to the ISSB Test Center, where they stay for five days to participate in the various assessment stages. The overarching goal of the ISSB Test is to identify prospective officers for Pakistan’s defense forces who possess the essential qualities to successfully complete their training course. This comprehensive selection process ensures that those chosen are equipped to serve the nation with distinction. Test Dates 2023:

The official website,, is your go-to source for all things related to ISSB testing in 2023. On this platform, you’ll find an up-to-date and comprehensive list of ISSB test dates scheduled for the entire year. The website serves as a central hub for information regarding the ISSB tests, including test schedules, requirements, and other pertinent details. By visiting the website regularly, you can ensure that you remain well-informed and don’t miss out on any crucial updates regarding the ISSB tests.

ISSB Test Dates 2023 Schedule and Requirements:

The ISSB test dates for 2023 come with a carefully structured schedule and precise prerequisites that every aspiring candidate is required to fulfill. This encompasses providing comprehensive details regarding the different stages of the testing procedure, ensuring eligibility criteria are met, and submitting essential documentation for the purpose of successful registration. The comprehensive schedule outlines when different testing phases will take place, including intelligence tests, interviews, psychological assessments, and medical evaluations. It’s imperative for all prospective candidates to thoroughly review the requirements to ensure that they fulfill the necessary criteria before initiating the application process.

Pak Army Force:

  • TCC-31 & PCs/ASCs/NCs as TCs in July 2023.
  • PMA Long Course April to May
  • PMA Long Course July To October 2023
  • DSSC (ICTOs) August to September 2023

Pakistan Navy Force:

  • PN Cadet Term October to November 2023
  • VMS & LCC-15 August and October 2023

Pakistan Air Force:

  • PAF Courses 08 MAY- 14 JUN 2023

ISSB Test Dates Schedule and Requirements 2023

ISSB Test Schedule January to May 2023

Post Courses Duration
Army 150 PM L/C JUN-OCT 2023
LCC-21 AUG 2023
TCC-34  JUL- AUG 2023
Air Force PAF COURSES  NOV- DEC 2023
PAF LCC-21  NOV 2023

ISSB Test Schedule January to May 2023 Dates:

The ISSB test schedule spanning from January to May 2023 provides a granular breakdown of the exact dates for the different phases of the testing process. These phases encompass intelligence tests, interviews, psychological assessments, and medical evaluations. The schedule’s purpose is to offer candidates a clear roadmap for planning their preparation and participation. By adhering to this schedule, candidates can effectively allocate time for each testing phase, ensuring that they complete all assessments within the specified timeframes.

ISSB Test Schedule 2023:

The complete ISSB test schedule for the year 2023 outlines dates for various testing activities. These activities encompass intelligence tests, personality assessments, interviews, and medical evaluations. The carefully designed schedule takes into consideration candidates’ convenience, offering multiple opportunities for participation throughout the year. Adhering to this schedule empowers candidates to manage their time efficiently and adequately prepare for each testing phase.

ISSB Test Centres:

ISSB test centers are strategically dispersed across the country, catering to candidates from various regions. These centers are equipped to conduct a range of testing phases, encompassing intelligence tests, psychological assessments, interviews, and medical evaluations. During the application process, candidates can select a test center that aligns with their location and convenience. The availability of multiple centers ensures accessibility and facilitates a smooth testing experience for all aspiring candidates.

ISSB Test Date 2023 Result Registration Merit List:

Following the completion of the ISSB test, candidates eagerly await the announcement of results, updates on the registration process, and the unveiling of the merit list. The ISSB test date 2023 results serve as a determining factor for candidates’ qualification for subsequent selection phases. Those who succeed proceed to the registration process, which involves furnishing essential details and submitting required documents. The merit list is compiled based on candidates’ performance across various testing phases, prioritizing top performers in the subsequent selection procedures.

ISSB Test Criteria:

The ISSB test criteria encompass a comprehensive evaluation process meticulously designed to assess candidates’ suitability for leadership roles. This evaluation entails a thorough examination of intelligence, personality attributes, communication skills, problem-solving aptitude, and physical fitness. The criteria are strategically formulated to ensure that candidates exhibit the necessary qualities for effective leadership and decision-making. Gaining a profound understanding of the ISSB test criteria aids candidates in focusing on key areas pivotal for success throughout the testing process.

How to Apply For ISSB Test 2023:

To initiate your journey towards the ISSB test in 2023, you need to follow a well-defined application process. This typically entails navigating to the official website and accessing the designated application portal.  Subsequent to the successful submission of your application, you’ll receive notifications encompassing test dates, schedules, and additional instructions. It’s of paramount importance to meticulously adhere to the provided application guidelines, as this ensures a streamlined and successful application process. By following these steps diligently, you pave the way for a confident and poised approach towards the ISSB test in 2023.

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