How To Apply for a 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023

President Shahbaz Sharif, from the Pakistan Muslim League, has initiated a remarkable program in Pakistan – a loan of 5 Lakh without any interest. The primary objective of this program is to aid unemployed youth and individuals without jobs, granting them a much-needed opportunity. The Ehsaas loan program, also referred to as PPEF, takes a logical approach by considering interest-free loans as a form of microfinance. This strategic move is expected to stimulate the growth of industries in Pakistan, consequently creating more job opportunities.

How To Apply for a 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023

Under the Ehsaas program, eligible individuals can access an initial loan amount of 75000, with gradual increments over time. It is projected that within the next five years, this program will positively impact the lives of 2.5 million people. If you are interested in applying for this interest-free loan, you may visit the Ehsaas web portal at 8171 or access the website of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) at This initiative undoubtedly brings encouraging news for unemployed youth across the country.

Ehsaas Loan Program Registration 2023

The online registration form for the Prime Minister Interest-Free Loan Scheme 2023 is now accessible for download. To apply for the Ehsas loan, you need to fill out the provided application form and submit it to the given address. This scheme covers the entire country, but it is essential to check if it has been initiated in your area before applying, as some regions might not have started yet. For those already benefiting from financial aid through any other Ehsaas program or loan scheme, such as the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), the Bila Sood Qarza Scheme registration forms are also available for download and application. Additionally, family members can apply for registration through various other loan schemes like Akhuwat loans, Amdan loans, and emergency cash loans offered by Ehsaas.

Please ensure to carefully follow the application process and eligibility criteria specified for each scheme before proceeding with the registration.

How To Apply for a 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023

Prime Minister Shahbaz 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has made a significant announcement regarding the Ehsaas Bila Sood Qarza, a program worth about one million dollars. The complete application procedure is expected to be released shortly, and once it is announced, we will share it with the audience immediately. This program aims to assist aspiring entrepreneurs who lack the financial means to start a business. Former Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif unveiled the Ehsaas Bila Sood Qarza initiative to support underprivileged Pakistanis in establishing their businesses and sustaining their families. This program will provide interest-free loans of 5 lakh to one million Pakistanis to help kickstart small businesses. To facilitate the process, the government has set up a dedicated loan center under the Ehsaas scheme.

The date for the commencement of the Ehsaas loan programs will be disclosed by PM Shahbaz Sharif in the coming days, which is eagerly anticipated by individuals aspiring to initiate their own businesses. The program is set to launch soon, offering valuable support to those in need of financial assistance for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan Eligibility Criteria

How To Apply for a 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023

The interest-free EHSAAS loan program for 2023-24 is open to all individuals with an income below 40,000 or no income, regardless of gender. Women are also encouraged to apply, and the loan scheme prioritizes areas and districts with a low microfinance beneficiary rate, such as 12% BISP.

This loan program is inclusive and available to men, women, and transgender individuals in Pakistan. Notably, over 50% of the budget allocated to the 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest in Pakistan will be specifically designated for women. Moreover, the loan comes with a 0% markup rate, and it must be repaid within three years, marking a historic milestone for such initiatives.

Ehsaas Loan Program Online Registration Form 2023

To enlist for the Prime Minister’s Interest-Free Loan Scheme in 2023, potential recipients can effortlessly procure the application form at no cost from the website Filling out and obtaining the loan application merely demands a few minutes of your time. For those who have a preference for physical forms, they can be acquired from the Union Council in their respective districts.

The poverty alleviation program, facilitated by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, offers applicants the opportunity to secure loans ranging from 50,000 to 5 lakh rupees. The Prime Minister’s Youth Program oversees this scheme, and applicants are anxiously awaiting the official announcement of the final application deadline by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Ehsaas Loan Scheme Registration Last Date

The last date for the Prime Minister Interest-Free Loan Scheme is approaching, providing much-needed support during this period of high poverty. Many individuals have already filled out the EHSAS loan application in the hope of starting their own businesses. However, the official deadline for application submission has not been announced yet. To stay updated on the application form’s deadline, it is recommended to bookmark this website or make a note of it for easy reference. The website is committed to promptly updating the submission date as soon as it is announced, so applicants can act without delay.

The website contains comprehensive information about all Ehsaas programs for 2023, including details about the 8171 web portal, which individuals can use to check their eligibility for various schemes. The 8171 Portal is conveniently placed at the top of the page for easy access. According to the announcement by PM Shahbaz Sharif, applications are expected to be submitted possibly around August 2023.


  • 18 to 60 years old.


  • Valid CNIC


  • Visit Union Council in your District


  • A business plan of any kind.

Best Schemes & Programs for 5 Lakh Loan 2023

How To Apply for a 5 Lakh Loan Without Interest In Pakistan 2023

Akhuwat Foundation

Within Pakistan’s borders, the Akhuwat Foundation extends interest-free loans to aspiring entrepreneurs, granting this opportunity to individuals who have reached the age of 18 years or older. Operating through nearly 800 branches throughout the nation, the Akhuwat Foundation stands as a valuable and accessible resource for those in need of financial backing to kickstart their business ventures.

Ehsaas Interest Free Loan Program 2023 (Bilasood Qarza)

The Ehsaas interest-free loan program extends its support to various segments of society, including skilled youth, women, the disabled, and transgender individuals. Additionally, Zakat beneficiaries and Ehsaas monthly stipend recipients are also eligible for these loans, aimed at aiding them in escaping poverty.

The loan amount available under the Ehsaas interest-free loan program is up to 75 thousand rupees, providing crucial financial assistance to those in need. Further details on obtaining these loans can be found on the relevant webpage, offering valuable information for potential applicants.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Interest Free Loan

Exciting tidings for the dedicated employees of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa! The green signal for interest-free loans has arrived as a splendid boon for them. One of the most captivating facets of this arrangement is the absence of any interest charges, allowing employees to access loans without the burden of extra costs. This loan program transcends the ordinary options, encompassing the financing of home construction, as well as the acquisition of motorbikes, automobiles, and bicycles.

The government has officially unveiled the 2022-23 interest-free loan program, and it earnestly encourages interested employees to peruse this article and proceed with their applications. This lending initiative holds the noble objective of supporting the diligent workers of KPK by endowing them with interest-free loans.

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) oversees community-driven development activities that help alleviate poverty in Pakistan. The Pakistani government established this prestigious nonprofit with the lofty goal of assisting underprivileged areas. Individuals are given interest-free loans through a remarkable and admirable initiative run by PPAF, enabling them to expand their businesses and improve their economic prospects.


In its essence, the implementation of an interest-free loan of 5 lakh in Pakistan stands as a momentous stride towards fostering financial inclusivity and fortifying small-scale enterprises. This visionary initiative profoundly contributes to the economic prosperity of the nation by empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses and usher in a new era of job opportunities.

Beyond its economic significance, this undertaking exemplifies an admirable effort in advancing sustainable development and combating poverty. To unleash the full potential of this loan program, meticulous implementation, diligent supervision, and comprehensive evaluation are of paramount importance. With the right support and guidance, this program has the capacity to elevate Pakistan’s socioeconomic landscape and generate a positive and enduring impact on the lives of its citizens.

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