University Of Lahore UOL Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

The University of Lahore (UOL) is currently accepting applications for its 2024 admissions to various BS/Undergraduate programs. Prospective students can access detailed information, including the last date for application, fee structures for programs such as MBBS, UCMS, Pharma-D, and BDS, as well as important dates for entry tests and the online admission form submission process. The university offers a user-friendly online application form on its website, streamlining the application submission for interested students. The last date to apply for admission is January 2024, and the entry test is scheduled for 20th January 2024.

To initiate the application process, students can obtain the admission form from the official university website. For a seamless application process and to stay informed about the application timeline, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official UOL website for comprehensive details and the online application form.

University Of Lahore UOL Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

University Of Lahore UOL Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

University Of Lahore UOL Admission 2024 Last Date

The deadline for Spring 2024 admissions at UOL is January 5th, 2024. To secure your spot, it’s crucial not to delay. Starting your application process now is essential to ensure you meet the deadline and increase your chances of admission. Don’t miss out—initiate your application today to secure your place at UOL before the closing date.

University Of Lahore UOL Admission Eligibility Criteria 2024

Eligibility Based on Program and Merit: Admission criteria for UOL in 2024 varies per program and relies on merit. Candidates need to qualify through an entrance test, interview, or both as per requirements.
Merit-Based Selection: Selection hinges on academic marks and performance in the entrance test or interview.
Program-Specific Requirements: Each program has specific criteria. For instance, the BS in Electrical Engineering mandates a minimum 60% in F.Sc. Pre-Engineering or equivalent.
Further Details: For specific eligibility criteria for BS programs at UOL, check the official website or contact the admission office. admission 2024

The University of Lahore (UOL) has opened online admissions for the year 2024 for various undergraduate Bachelor degree programs. Aspiring students can access details such as the UOL admission 2024 last date for online fee structures for programs like MBBS, UCMS, Pharma-D, and BDS, as well as important dates for entry tests and the online admission form submission process.

To kickstart the application process, students can obtain the admission form from the official university website. The eligibility criteria for admission to UOL for the year 2024 varies by program and is determined based on merit. Candidates must qualify for the UOL entrance test, interview, or both (if any) and meet the minimum academic requirements for the program they are applying to.

University Of Lahore UOL Admission 2024 Fee Structure

The admission fees at UOL differ based on your program and whether you’re a local or international student. Yet, the university aims to make education accessible by providing merit-based scholarships of up to 100% to deserving students. This helps offset costs and ensures quality education is within reach for eligible candidates.

This is a breakdown of the approximate costs for a few well-known programs.

Program Tuition Fee (per semester)
BS Business Administration PKR 75,000 – 125,000
BS Computer Science PKR 80,000 – 130,000
BS Engineering PKR 85,000 – 135,000
BS Media & Communication PKR 70,000 – 120,000
BS Sciences PKR 65,000 – 115,000

Recall that these are only approximations. Visit the UOL website or get in touch with the admissions office to find precise price information regarding the program you have selected.

Available Programs

The following BS and BS5th programs at The University of Lahore are accepting applications for spring 2024.

  1. ADP Computer Science (2 Years)
  2. BS Film and Television
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA (2 Years)
  4. Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA (4 Years)
  5. Bachelor of Law (LLB) 5 Years
  6. BS Vision Sciences
  7. BS Fine Arts BFA Visual Arts
  8. BS Accounting and Finance (2 Years)
  9. BS Accounting and Finance (Hons 4 Years)
  10. BS Anesthesia Technology
  11. BS Animation and VFX
  12. BS Architectural Engineering Technology
  13. BS Audiology
  14. BS Aviation Management
  15. BS Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  16. BS Bioinformatics
  17. BS Biomedical Engineering Technology
  18. BS Biotechnology (and BS5th)
  19. BS Botany
  20. BS Cardiac Perfusion Technology
  21. BS Cardiovascular Technology
  22. BS Chemistry (and BS5th)
  23. BS Civil Engineering Technology
  24. BS Clinical Biochemistry
  25. BS Clinical Microbiology
  26. BS Clinical Psychology
  27. BS Commerce (Hons 4 Years)
  28. BS Computer Science
  29. BS Criminology
  30. BS Dermatology Technology
  31. BS Dialysis Technology
  32. BS Digital Marketing
  33. BS Economics (BS5th)
  34. BS Economics and Finance
  35. BS Education Elementary (and BS5th)
  36. BS Embedded Systems
  37. BS Emergency Technology
  38. BS English Language and Literature (and BS5th)
  39. BS Environmental Sciences (BS5th)
  40. BS Fashion Design
  41. BS Finance and Technology (Hons 4 Years)
  42. BS Media and Mass Communication (and BS5th)
  43. BS Medical Lab Technology BSMLT
  44. BS Medical Ultrasound Technology
  45. BS Microbiology and Biotechnology
  46. BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  47. BS Neurophysiology
  48. BS Nursing (4 Years)
  49. BS Occupational Therapy
  50. BS Operation Theater Technology
  51. BS Pharmacology and Toxicology (4 Years)
  52. BS Physics (and BS5th)
  53. BS Psychology (and BS5th)
  54. BS Public Health
  55. BS Quranic Sciences
  56. BS Radiography and Imaging Technology
  57. BS Rehabilitation Sciences
  58. BS Respiratory Therapy
  59. BS Social Science
  60. BS Sociology
  61. BS Software Engineering
  62. BS Speech and Language Pathology
  63. BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education
  64. BS Supply Chain Analytics
  65. BS Surgical Technology
  66. BS Taxation (Hons 4 Years)
  67. BS Urdu
  68. BS Financial Technology
  69. BS Food Science and Technology
  70. BS Forensic Sciences
  71. BS Human Nutrition Dietetics
  72. BS Human Resource Analytics
  73. BS Industrial Biochemistry
  74. BS Industrial Biotechnology
  75. BS Information Engineering Technology
  76. BS Intensive Care Technology
  77. BS Interior Design
  78. BS Islamic Banking and Finance (Hons 4 Years)
  79. BS Islamic Studies (and BS5th)
  80. BS Mathematics (and BS5th)
  81. BS Mechanical Engineering Technology
  82. BS Visual Communication Design
  83. BS Zoology
  84. Doctor of Physical Therapy (5 Years) DPT
The University of Lahore’s MPhil programs are accepting applications for the spring of 2024.
  1. Master in Public Health (MPH)
  2. Master of Business Administration – MBA (2 Years)
  3. Master of Business Administration – MBA (Executive)
  4. Master of Law (LLM)
  5. MPhil Accounting and Finance
  6. MPhil Applied Economics
  7. MPhil Applied Linguistics
  8. MPhil Applied Psychology
  9. MPhil Biochemistry
  10. MPhil Bioinformatics
  11. MPhil Biotechnology
  12. MPhil Botany
  13. MPhil Chemistry
  14. MPhil Education
  15. MPhil English Literature
  16. MPhil Finance
  17. MPhil Food Science and Technology
  18. MPhil Forensic Sciences
  19. MPhil HRM
  20. MPhil Human Nutrition Dietetics
  21. MPhil Immunology and Molecular Pathology
  22. MPhil Intelligence and Security Studies
  23. MPhil Islamic Studies
  24. MPhil Marketing
  25. MPhil Mathematics
  26. MPhil Media and Mass Communication Studies
  27. MPhil Microbiology
  28. MPhil Molecular Biology
  29. MPhil Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  30. MPhil Pharmaceutics
  31. MPhil Pharmacognosy
  32. MPhil Accounting and Finance (1.5/2 Years)
  33. MPhil Clinical Psychology
  34. MPhil Computer Science
  35. MPhil Pharmacology
  36. MPhil Pharmacy Practice
  37. MPhil Physical Therapy (Musculoskeletal)
  38. MPhil Physics
  39. MPhil Physiology
  40. MPhil Public Health
  41. MPhil Sports Sciences and Physical Education
  42. MPhil Supply Chain
  43. MPhil Urdu
  44. MPhil Virology and Molecular Pathology
  45. MPhil Zoology
  46. MPhil Data Science
  47. MPhil Electrical Engineering
  48. MPhil Management
  49. MPhil Mechanical Engineering Technology
  50. MPhil Physical Therapy (Musculoskeletal)
  51. MPhil Physical Therapy (Neurology)
  52. MPhil Project Management
  53. MPhil Software Engineering
  54. MPhil Speech-Language Pathology/ Hearing Sciences
  55. MPhil Supply Chain Management

The University of Lahore’s PhD programs are accepting applications for the spring of 2024.

  1. PhD Bio Chemistry
  2. PhD Biotechnology
  3. PhD Botany
  4. PhD Chemistry
  5. PhD Computer Science
  6. PhD Pharmaceutics
  7. PhD Pharmacology
  8. PhD Physical Therapy
  9. PhD Physics
  10. PhD Physiology
  11. PhD Public Health
  12. PhD Software Engineering
  13. PhD Virology and Molecular Pathology
  14. PhD Zoology
  15. PhD Economics
  16. PhD Electrical Engineering
  17. PhD Food Science and Technology
  18. PhD Forensic Sciences
  19. PhD Immunology and Molecular Pathology
  20. PhD Media and Communication Studies
  21. PhD Microbiology
  22. PhD Molecular Biology
  23. PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ready to Apply? Here’s how

To apply for UOL’s Spring Admission 2024:

Create an Account: Visit the University of Lahore’s official website and create a registered account using a valid email address and password.
Fill out the Admissions Form: Log in to your account and complete the admissions form accurately, providing all required information.
Select Program of Interest: Choose the desired program for Spring 2024 admission.
Upload Documents: Submit necessary documents such as transcripts, certificates, and identification.
Pay Application Fee: Pay the required application fee based on your chosen program and student status (local/international).
Submit Application: Review all details and submit your application before the deadline (January 5th, 2024) to be considered for admission.
Follow-Up: Monitor your application status through your account and respond promptly to any additional requirements or communications from UOL.

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