Sarhad University Peshawar Admission 2023 Apply Online

There is no need to go since Sarhad University Peshawar Admission 2023 is available for a variety of programmes. Therefore, students, if you want to be Admission to bachelor’s and master’s level programmes in the University, you will find all of your questions answered from this page as this page will keep you updated on the admission criteria, Last date to apply, Merit List, and everything which you need to know of the University for taking admission in it.

Following the 2023 Sarhad University Peshawar Merit List, admissions will take place. The path to the university’s success has been obvious from the beginning, and now Sarhad University has arrived where it is thanks to the drive of its highly qualified and experienced professors.It aspires to the pinnacle of achievement and is a renowned Pakistani institution of higher learning whose diplomas are accepted worldwide.

Sarhad University SUIT Admission 2023 Last Date

You may find here the whole information about Sarhad University Of Science & Information Technology SUIT Peshawar Admission 2023 Last Date, apply online, and other data on this website if you wish to get admitted to any of the provided programmes. Visit our website often for information on the SUIT Peshawar Spring/Fall admission calendar, online registration, fee schedule, eligibility requirements, merit list, entry test, prospectus, entry test schedule, scholarship, faculty, ranking, prospectus, hostel, and course programmes.

Sarhad University Peshawar Admission 2023 Apply Online

Sarhad University Peshawar Admission 2023 Apply Online

Sarhad University Peshawar Admission Advertisement

The Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar is one of the premier higher education institutes of Pakistan and now it’s your chance to become a part of it, as admissions in several graduate and master degree programs are being offered right now. According to the officially published advertisement, all the individuals interested in seeking SUIT Admission in any of the offered degree programs are allowed to submit their application forms for the engineering programs till last date.

How to Apply Online?

  • Select the campus where you wish to apply first by visiting “”.
  • Choose the course and sign up for it.
  • Because the administration will check your full data, provide accurate information.
  • Attach all required paperwork.
  • put his picture up
  • Select “Submit” from the menu.

Sarhad University Online Admission 2023

As a result, while considering applying to a university, candidates must keep one thing in mind: they must adhere to the following timetable. Additionally, the deadline set forth in the timetable has been declared, so candidates who submit their applications beyond that time will not be considered in any way.

Sarhad University Master Programs

Following a test for the Sarhad University Peshawar Merit List 2023, admissions will be opened. Since the start, the highly educated and competent faculty’s zeal has made the university’s path to success very obvious. Sarhad University achieved its desired success levels and is now where it wants to be.

Sarhad University BS Programs

A wide range of academic and non-academic services, student services, housing, libraries, housing facilities for athletics or financial aid, exchange and study abroad programmes, internet and online learning possibilities, as well as administrative services are also offered by SUIT. Each programme has its own qualifying requirements.

Sarhad University Peshawar Admission 2023 Form

The University is committed to provide a top-notch education that is positioned in the most difficult learning conditions, is focused on upgrading and growing the learning environment, and is of the highest calibre. For the benefit of the students, the deadline for submitting admission forms is October 24, 2023.

Sarhad University Peshawar Fee Structure 2023

  • BBS – Anesthesia Technology (2 Years) Rs. 76855/-
  • BS – Biotechnology (4 Years) Rs. 131340/-
  • BBA (H) – Business Administration (4 Years) Rs. 114320/-
  • BBA – Business Administration (3 Years) Rs. 114320/-
  • BE – Civil (4 Years) Rs. 350100/-
  • BS(TECHNOLOGY) – Civil Technology (4 Years) 112000/-
  • B.COM – Commerce (2 Years) Rs. 37780/-
  • BS – Computer Science (4 Years) Rs. 156400/-
  • BS – Computer Technology (4 Years) Rs. 112000/-
  • BS – Dentistry (4 Years) Rs. 76855/-
  • BS – Economics (4 Years) Rs. 88320/-
  • B.ED – Education (1.5 Years) Rs. 21740/-
  • B.P.E.D – Education [physical] (2 Years) Rs. 21740/-
  • BE – Electrical (4 Years) Rs. 323460/-
  • BS(TECHNOLOGY) – Electrical Technology (4 Years) Rs. 112000/-
  • BS – Electronics (4 Years) Rs. 156400/-
  • BS(TECHNOLOGY) – Electronics & Telecom (4 Years) Rs. 67804/-
  • BS(TECHNOLOGY) – Electronics Technology (4 Years) Rs. 112000/-
  • AD – Fine Arts (2 Years) Rs. 85540/-
  • AD – Library & Information Science (2 Years) Rs. 26480/-
  • BE – Mechanical (4 Years) Rs. 323460/-
  • BS(TECHNOLOGY) – Mechanical Technology (4 Years) Rs. 112000/-
  • BS – Medical Laboratory Technology (4 Years) Rs. 131340/-
  • BS – Microbiology (4 Years) Rs. 131340/-
  • B.ED – Nutrition & Dietetics (4 Years) Rs. 21740/-
  • BS – Occupational Therapy (4 Years) Rs. 122390/-
  • PHARM.D – Pharmacy (5 Years) Rs. 258200/-
  • BS – Physical Education, Health And Sport Science (4 Years) Rs. 26460/-
  • DPT – Physiotherapy (5 Years) Rs. 189580/-
  • BS – Public Health (4 Years) Rs. 114400/-
  • BS – Radiology (4 Years) Rs. 128113/-
  • BE – Software Engineering (4 Years) Rs. 156400/-
  • BS – Surgery Technology (4 Years) Rs. 126800/-
  • BS – Telecom Systems (4 Years) Rs. 156400/-
  • BS – Textile & Fashion Design (4 Years) Rs. 85540/-
  • AD – Textile & Fashion Design (2 Years) Rs. 85540/-
  • BS – Urdu (4 Years) Rs. 76855/-

Which Faculties now open Admission?

  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
  • Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Education.
  • Faculty of Sciences, Computer Sciences, and IT.
  • Faculty of Management Sciences.

Sarhad University Peshawar Bachelor Admission

BSc in Engineering BS in Economics
BTech Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS)
BCom BS in Textile & Fashion Designing
BS in Computer Science BA in Textile & Fashion Designing
BCom BSc
BEd BTech Mechanical
BSc Electrical Engineering BTech Instrumentation & Control
BTech Electronics BTech Chemical
BTech Telecommunication BS in Information Technology
BTech Civil Bachelor in Physical Education (BPED)
BTech Electrical Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education
BS Micro Biology BS Economics
ADE Associate Degree in Education BS Electrical Technology
BLIS Bachelor in Library Information Science BS Civil Technology
BS Software Engineering BS Mechanical Technology
BS Electronics BA Health and Physics Education
BS Telecommunication BPEd
BE Civil BSc Civil Technology
BE Electrical BSc Mechanical Technology
BE Mechanical BSc Electronics & Telecom
BS Biotechnology Doctor of Physical Therapy
BS Chemistry

Sarhad University Peshawar Master Admission

MPH MAB in Project Management
MS in Electrical Engineering MCom
MS in Civil Engineering MSC in health & physical education
MS in Mechanical Engineering MSC in electrical & electronics telecom
MS in Pharmaceutics MCS
MS in pharmaceutical chemistry MS in Sports Science
MS in Chemistry MS in Physical Education
MS in Management Science MS in Library Information Science
MBA in banking finance MSc in Chemistry
MBA in Management MEd
MA in Pakistan Studies MA Education
MBA MLIS Master in Library Information Science
MS in Computer Science MTech Electrical Engineering
MS in Library & Information Science MTech Civil Engineering
MS in Electronics MTech Mechanical
MSc Micro Biology Pharm-D
Master in Banking and Finance MBF MA in Textile & Fashion Designing
Master in Information Technology (MIT) MSc Mass Communication
MSc in Telecom MSc Psychology
MSc in Electronics MA English
MSc in Electrical MSc in Economics

Sarhad University Peshawar MPhil Admission

MPhil in Electrical Engineering MPhil in Management Science
MPhil in Civil Engineering MPhil Economics
MPhil in Mechanical Engineering MPhil in Education
MPhil in Pharmaceutics MPhil in Biotechnology
MPhil in pharmaceutical chemistry MPhil in Microbiology
MPhil in chemistry

Sarhad University Peshawar Ph.D. Admission

Ph.D. in Education Diploma in Health Education
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Diploma in Promotion & Social Mobilization
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering Diploma in Nutrition
Ph.D. in Management Science Diploma in Community Health & Nutrition
Ph.D. in Computer Science

Sarhad University Peshawar Other Programs

JDPE Junior Diploma in Physical Education NAT
Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance DDM
Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Logistic Management DM
Post Graduate Diploma in Management Science Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design
Certificate in Laboratory Information Science (CLIS) Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Public Administration Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Diploma in Health Policy Planning & Management Diploma in Psychology
Diploma in District Health Management Diploma in Health Project Management
CSS Test Prep

Sarhad University Peshawar Eligibility Criteria

A minimum of 45 to 60 percent in the intermediate level is needed to apply to undergraduate programmes. Students who have completed sixteen years of education with grades between 40 and 50% and a CGPA of between 2.00 and 4.00 are eligible for postgraduate programmes. The institution will only provide admission to master’s programmes if the GAT test has been taken.

Sarhad University Peshawar Admission Last Date

Sarhad University Peshawar admission deadline: October 24, 2023.


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