Pakistani Passport Tracking by Token Number Check Online

This page allows you to track your Pakistani passport by token number. A passport status check service is provided by the Government of Pakistan’s Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (DGIP). A text-messaging-based Passport Tracking Intimation System has just been introduced by the DGIP. Using an online system and your tracking number, you may check the status of your passport application at any moment. By entering your tracking number and following the online instructions, you may trace the status of your passport. You may get an instant status update on the status of your passport by sending an SMS to 9988 with your 11-digit token number.


This will keep applicants informed of the status of their passport throughout the whole processing procedure, from application to printing to shipping and delivery.These notifications will be sent straight to the registered phone number of the applicant.

Pakistani Passport Tracking by Token Number Check Online

Pakistani Passport Tracking by Token Number Check Online

Pakistan Passport Tracking Status 2023

In 2023, Pakistan will continue to enhance its visa monitoring system to enable users to conveniently monitor their applications. Better access and real-time information are being provided this year, making it simpler than ever to find the whereabouts of your passport at any given moment. It’s critical to be informed about current events and to monitor your Pakistani ID easily.

Passport Fees in Pakistan 2023-24

Recent modifications in the passport issuance process encompass varied options catering to individual preferences and urgency levels. Standard passports, priced at Rs. 3000, now entail a cautious scrutiny process, elongating the duration for issuance to up to 21 days. For urgent requirements, applicants can expedite the process by paying Rs. 5000, ensuring quicker delivery.

Moreover, the introduction of e-passports offers enhanced efficiency. A 36-page e-passport, valid for five years, costs Rs. 9000, with an urgent option at Rs. 15000. For those needing more pages, a 72-page e-passport is available at Rs. 16500 for regular issuance and Rs. 27000 for urgent processing passport status

We realize that you might have particular questions or concerns about the passport application. The DGIP support team can be contacted via email at [email protected] with any further questions. Please make sure you have included all required details, including your full name, phone number, CNIC, contact address, and application’s 11-digit token number. You can get the information you need quickly from the DGIP’s committed support staff.

Passport Tracking Pakistan by Token Number Online

Token number tracking for your Pakistani ID is still simple. The government has made using this service even more convenient for citizens as a result of advancements in technology. Your special token number makes it simple to monitor the status of your passport application. This will help you prepare for your next trip and keep you updated.

Tracking a Pakistani Passport by SMS Number

The DGIP provides an SMS tracking option in addition to the online monitoring system for passport status updates. You may easily keep informed about the status of your application with the help of this handy service. All you have to do to make use of this service is write your 11-digit token number in a text message and send it to 9988. You will receive an SMS with the most recent status of your passport application in a matter of minutes.

Documents Required for Passport in Pakistan 2023-24

For Adults (18+ Years):

You’ll need your original passport and a photocopy, along with your valid CNIC/NICOP/Smart Card and its photocopy. If you have dual nationality, include your original foreign passport and copies.

For Children (Under 18 Years):

You’ll require the father’s and mother’s original valid passports and CNIC/NICOP, each with photocopies. Include the child’s original passport and a copy, alongside the child’s valid B-form/NICOP/Smart NICOP and a photocopy. During application, both parents and the child must be present. If the parents are separated, present court-attested custody papers.

Documents Required for Passport Renewal in Pakistan

Old Passport: In order to renew, you must have your old, expired passport.

Images: Obtain two current, plain-colored passport-sized images. Verify that they fit the specifications for size and quality.

Provide documentation proving your present address as proof of address. A proof of residency or utility bill in your name will do.

Online Form: Complete and submit the online form available on the official website.

Documentation of Payment: Save evidence that you paid the renewal cost for your passport. It is available online or at the specified bank.

How to Track Pakistani passports Online

You can use any of the following techniques to trace your Pakistani passport online:

SMS-Based Passport Tracking Intimation System

The Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (DGIP) in Pakistan has introduced an SMS-based Passport Tracking Intimation System. During passport application, providing your accurate cell number is vital. Once you receive your 11-digit token number, a simple SMS to 9988 with this code enables tracking. Updates on passport status, including printing and delivery details, are then sent via SMS.

Online Passport Tracking via Consulates

Certain Pakistani consulates, like the Consulate General of Pakistan in New York, offer online passport tracking. Entering your token number on their website allows you to monitor the progress of your passport application conveniently.

Passport Tracking via Consulate General

Another method involves tracking through the consulate. For instance, the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Frankfurt allows tracking by entering the 11-digit number on their website. Upon completion, the passport can be collected personally or delivered by post.



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