NUMS Jobs 2023 Apply Online

The National University of Medical Sciences NUMS Jobs 2023 advertised a variety of job opportunities in Rawalpindi. This is great news for anyone seeking for a career at The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS). Our team included comprehensive application details in this page, such as how to apply, position name, qualification, age restriction, and everything else that is required for jobs.

NUMS is a Federal Public Sector University that promotes and achieves excellence in advanced health education, research, and service delivery. The NUMS Institute of Advance Studies & Research (NIASR) on the Rawalpindi campus is dedicated to cutting-edge research and evidence-based teaching in basic, applied, and clinical disciplines, as well as Social & Behavioural Sciences.

On the NUMS Islamabad Campus, which spans 1000 acres and will offer a wide programme in all fields of knowledge with a focus on Biological and Medical Sciences, a Medical City with a 4000-bed healthcare facility is being created.

Details For NUMS Jobs 2023

Date Posted October 29, 2023
Industry Government
Hiring Organization National University of Medical Sciences
Jobs Location Rawalpindi
Valid Through

(Last Date)

November 13, 2023
Education Requirements Bachelor / Master
Employment Type Full Time
No. of Posts 50+
Newspaper Jang
Address National University of Medical Sciences


Zip Code 46000

NUMS Jobs 2023 Apply Online

NUMS Jobs 2023 Apply Online

Vacant Positions

  • Assistant Manager
  • Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Demonstrator
  • Deputy Director
  • Lab Assistant
  • Lecturer
  • Manager
  • Nurse
  • Office Attendant
  • Professor
  • Scientific Officer
  • Software Developer
  • Sub Engineer

How to Apply for NUMS Jobs 2023?

  • The online Application Form may be found at
  • Interested candidates can click on the link and apply online.
  • The application deadline is November 13, 2023.
  • Applications that are incomplete will be rejected.

Tips for a Successful Application for NUMS Jobs 2023

Tips for a Successful Application refers to guidance and advice aimed at helping individuals submit a strong, compelling, and competitive application for a job at NUMS in 2023. These tips are designed to assist applicants in presenting themselves effectively and increasing their chances of being considered for the position. Here are some key aspects typically covered in this section:

CV:Highlighting relevant experience, skills, and qualifications.
Formatting the document in a clear, organized, and professional manner.
Tailoring the resume/CV to match the specific job description and requirements.

Writing an Effective Cover Letter:Customizing the cover letter for the job and organization.
Showcasing enthusiasm, qualifications, and how the applicant aligns with the company’s values and goals.
Addressing any gaps or additional information not covered in the resume.

Highlighting Relevant Skills and Experience:Clearly demonstrating how the applicant’s skills and experiences align with the job requirements.
Using specific examples or achievements to showcase capabilities.
Aligning qualifications with the needs of the position.

Researching the Company and Role:Understanding the mission, values, and culture of NUMS.
Tailoring the application to reflect an understanding of the institution’s goals and how the applicant can contribute.

Proofreading and Editing:Ensuring all documents are free of grammatical errors and typos.
Seeking feedback or assistance to improve the quality of the application materials.

Following Application Instructions:Adhering to specific instructions provided in the job listing or application guidelines.
Submitting all required documents and information within the specified deadlines.

Educational certifications: Copies of academic degrees, diplomas, and certifications relevant to the work requirements.
Professional certificates or Licences: Documentation demonstrating any applicable specialised licences, accreditations, or certificates.
Sources:Contact information or recommendation letters from professional or academic references who can attest to the applicant’s talents and conduct.
identity Documents: Photocopies of identity documents, such as a passport or driver’s licence, used for verification.


The “Conclusion” section serves as the final segment in the guide for job applicants interested in opportunities at NUMS in 2023. It summarizes the crucial elements discussed throughout the content, including application processes, required documents, and effective application strategies. Beyond a simple recap, it aims to inspire and motivate applicants, emphasizing the significance of their potential contribution to NUMS within the medical sciences field.

It expresses gratitude for their interest and time invested in considering a role at NUMS while extending best wishes for success in their application endeavors and future career aspirations. Ultimately, the conclusion urges applicants to take the next step, encouraging them to apply confidently and actively pursue the available opportunities at NUMS. Its purpose is to leave a lasting positive impression, summarize key details, and instill the drive to take action and apply for roles within the institution.


Q: How would I secure position openings at NUMS?
A: Employment opportunities at NUMS can be found on the authority site under the ‘Vocations’ or ‘Occupations’ segment. Furthermore, they may be posted on different work sheets or publicized through enrollment offices.

Q: What records are normally expected for the application?
A: The standard records frequently required incorporate a resume/CV, an introductory letter, and a particular reports mentioned part of the expected set of responsibilities, like testaments, records, or a portfolio.

Q: How is the application cycle at NUMS?
A: The application cycle typically includes getting to the web-based application entry, making a record, finishing up private subtleties, transferring vital reports, and presenting the application on the web. Explicit guidelines will be given on the application entryway.

Q: Are there explicit capabilities expected to go after positions at NUMS?
A: Capabilities fluctuate in light of the position. Normally, a pertinent instructive foundation, experience, and explicit abilities are required. The expected set of responsibilities will frame the capabilities essential for every job.

Q: What occurs after I present my application?
A: Subsequent to presenting your application, it will be investigated by the enrollment group. Shortlisted competitors will be reached for additional evaluations, which could incorporate meetings, tests, or extra documentation.

Q: Might I at any point go after more than each job in turn?
A: Indeed, you can go after different jobs on the off chance that you meet the capabilities and necessities for each work. Guarantee that your applications are customized to fit the particular job.

Q: When will I know the situation with my application?

A: The course of events for surveying applications can fluctuate. Commonly, you’ll get an affirmation of the application. Further updates could follow assuming that you’re shortlisted for the following stage.


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