MOD Roll No Slip Ministry of Defence 2023 Check Online

Access your MOD Roll Number Slip for the year 2023 at The roll number slip is essential for participating in the written exam held by the Ministry of Defence. This exam is for various positions, including DRIVER (BS-04), MESS WAITER (BS-01), NAIB QASID (BS-01), OPERATOR SPECIAL (BS-09), and SANITARY WORKER (BS-01). You can conveniently download the roll number slip from this webpage. Ministry of Defence Roll No. Slip 2023 is available for download using either your CNIC or Name.

The roll number slip for OPERATOR SPECIAL (BS-09), which includes psychometric, descriptive, and typing tests, can be downloaded as well. Click on the provided link to view and download your Roll No. Slip. Keep in mind that the Roll No. Slip for OPERATOR SPECIAL (BS-09) with psychometric, typing, and descriptive tests is now ready for download. The Pakistani Ministry of Defense (MOD) has recently released the Roll Number Slips for the 2023 MOD Tests.

MOD Roll No Slip Ministry of Defence 2023 Check Online:

MOD Roll No Slip Ministry of Defence 2023 Check Online

Ministry of Defence (MOD) Roll No Slip 2023 Download:

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has issued Roll No Slips for the year 2023. These slips are crucial documents that candidates need to possess to participate in various recruitment tests and examinations conducted by the Ministry of Defence. The Roll No Slip contains pertinent information about the candidate, including their full name, photograph, allocated roll number, test date, reporting time, and the address of the examination center. It also includes important instructions that candidates are required to follow on the day of the examination.

MOD Roll No Slip 2023 Download Online:

In a bid to streamline the process and enhance convenience for applicants, the Ministry of Defence has introduced an online platform for candidates to download their Roll No Slips. This platform can be accessed through the official website of the Ministry of Defence or the designated recruitment portal. To download the Roll No Slip online, candidates are typically required to input their application details or registration number. This digital approach saves candidates from the need to physically collect the Roll No Slip from any office and provides them with easy access to this essential document.

Ministry of Defence Roll No Slip 2023 Download:

Candidates who have applied for various positions within the Ministry of Defence for the year 2023 can now access and download their respective Roll No Slips. This slip acts as a personalized entry pass to the examination venue. It contains the candidate’s photograph for identification purposes, the assigned roll number that ensures distinction during the test, the exact date of the examination, the reporting time that candidates must adhere to, and the address of the assigned examination center where the test will take place.

MOD Jobs 2023 Roll Number Slip:

For candidates who have successfully applied for MOD jobs in 2023, the Roll Number Slip is an indispensable document. It verifies the candidate’s eligibility to participate in the written test or examination as part of the recruitment process. The Roll Number Slip is unique to each candidate, ensuring accurate identification and preventing any confusion during the examination.

Civil Defense Roll Number Slip 2023:

Individuals who have submitted applications for civil defense positions within the Ministry of Defence in 2023 can access their Roll Number Slips. These slips contain essential information about the candidate’s assigned roll number, which is essential for maintaining order during the examination, as well as other relevant details.

Ministry of Defense MOD Roll No Slip 2023 by CNIC:

Candidates who may have misplaced their application details but possess a valid CNIC can still obtain their Roll No Slips using this alternative method. By entering their CNIC details into the online system, candidates can retrieve their Roll No Slips. This added flexibility ensures that candidates do not miss out on their opportunity to participate in the examination due to any administrative hurdles.

Ministry of Defence Online Apply 2023:

The Ministry of Defence has transitioned to an online application system for candidates interested in applying for various positions in 2023. This digital platform simplifies the application process, allowing candidates to submit their applications from the comfort of their own homes or any internet-enabled device. This method eliminates the need for physical submission of application forms.

MOD Roll No. Slip for Written Test:

For candidates who are preparing to take the written test as part of the MOD recruitment process in 2023, the Roll No. Slip is of utmost importance. It is the official confirmation of their test participation and provides all the necessary details about the test date, venue, and candidate information. Possessing this slip is mandatory to gain entry to the examination venue.

Ministry of Defence Jobs 2023 Apply Online:

Aspiring candidates looking to secure positions within the Ministry of Defence in 2023 can apply through the dedicated online application portal. This method of application submission offers numerous advantages, including reduced paperwork, quicker processing, and the ability to track the status of the application.

SR Job Title Action
1. AC Technician Download
2. Assistant Download
3. Assistant Director Download
4. Ctompuer Programming Assistant Director Download
5. Assistant Director (Engineering) Download
6. Assistant Director (Research & Analytics) Download
7. Charge Nurse Download
8. Deputy Director (Engineering) Download
9. Deputy Director (Research & Analytics) Download
10. Director (Computer Programming) Download
11. Director (Research & Analytics) Download
12. Draughtsman Download
13. Electro Cardiograph Tech Download
14. Lady Health Visitor Download
15. Lower Division Clerk Download
16. OT Technician Download
17. Security Sub Inspector Download
18. Security Supervisor Download
19. Divisional Sub Officer Download
20. Sub Engineer Download
21. Sub Inspector Download
22. Supervisor Download
23. Technician Download
24. Traffic Analyst Download
25. Traffic Analyst Supervisor Download
26. Upper Division Clerk Download Roll No Slip:

The official website,, serves as a centralized platform for candidates to access their Roll No Slips. This online resource offers a simple and efficient way for candidates to retrieve their slips without the need to physically visit any offices or centers.

Ministry of Defence Job Test Online Preparation:

To assist candidates in adequately preparing for the Ministry of Defence job tests, the ministry may provide online preparation resources. These resources can include sample test papers, study guides, and practice tests that allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the format and types of questions they may encounter during the actual examination.

MOD Ministry of Defence Test Date:

Candidates should be vigilant about the official announcement of test dates by the Ministry of Defence. Being aware of the test date well in advance enables candidates to plan their preparation strategies effectively and avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Ministry of Defence Job Test Syllabus:

Understanding the syllabus for the Ministry of Defence job tests is vital for candidates’ successful preparation. The syllabus outlines the subjects, topics, and areas of knowledge that will be evaluated in the examination. By aligning their studies with the prescribed syllabus, candidates can optimize their preparation efforts and increase their chances of achieving a favorable outcome in the test.

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