ISSB Test Dates 2023 Schedule and Requirements

The ISSB test holds significant importance in the selection process for individuals aspiring to join Pakistan’s armed forces. It serves as a comprehensive assessment of candidates’ mental, physical, and psychological capabilities, determining their eligibility for officer-level positions. In this article, we’ll delve into the ISSB test schedule for 2023, covering important details such as test dates, registration process, and specific guidelines for female candidates.

Pakistan has various institutes and academies that offer preparation courses for the ISSB Exam, which is a mandatory requirement for anyone wishing to join the Army, Navy, or Pakistan Air Force – these three branches are crucial components of our nation’s defense. If you have a strong passion and the desire to be part of these esteemed forces, we warmly invite you to participate in the upcoming test, scheduled during the specific period as announced officially.

Inter-Services Selection Board Test Dates 2023

The Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) is based in Pakistan and is responsible for conducting interviews and tests to evaluate candidates seeking to join the country’s military. Passing the ISSB test is a requirement for individuals aspiring to join the Army, Navy, or Pakistan Air Force. The ISSB Test Schedule outlines the specific dates and timings for these tests to be conducted. Test Dates 2023

The Army, Navy, and the Pakistan Air Force stand tall as the primary guardians of our beloved nation, safeguarding its borders and securing its future. Should you harbor an ardent desire to become a part of any of these esteemed forces, an opportunity awaits you to undertake the prestigious ISSB Test. This evaluative assessment, as detailed in the article, shall be conducted on specific dates.

Regrettably, the exact schedule for this year’s ISSB Test eludes me, rendering me unable to furnish precise information. Nonetheless, worry not, for ISSB testing centers dot various locations across the expanse of Pakistan, encompassing the likes of Gujranwala, Kohat, Malir Cantt, and Quetta cantonments.

ISSB Test Schedule 2023

The ISSB test spans four days, during which candidates are required to pass an Intelligence test, a Mechanical Aptitude Test, a Personality Test, and a final medical eligibility exam. Candidates can attend the ISSB testing centers based on the invitation letter sent to their home address. The ISSB Test includes a range of internal assessments conducted at the testing centers.

ISSB Test Date 2023 Online Apply

Before your visit to the ISSB Testing Schedule for 2023 Test Dates, it’s essential to contact the GSO-2 (Selection) of the relevant ISSB using the provided phone number at the bottom of the GSO-2 (Selection) ISSB Kohat. This step is necessary to address any inquiries regarding academic certificates. In the event that a certificate is found to be incorrect, it will be canceled, and you will receive a refund without having to bear any travel or other expenses for TA/DA.

ISSB Test Dates 2023 Schedule and Requirements

The ISSB Test is conducted twice a year in 2023, with the first session taking place at the beginning of the year and the second session towards the end of the year. Each session has its specific requirements for candidates to meet.

Pak Army Force:

TCC-31 & PCs/ASCs/NCs will serve as TCs in July 2023.
The PMA Long Course for April to May will be conducted.
The PMA Long Course for July to October 2023 will also take place.
DSSC (ICTOs) will be held from August to September 2023.

Pakistan Navy Force:

PN Cadet Term will be held from October to November 2023.
VMS & LCC-15 will take place in August 2023.
VMS & LCC-15 will also be conducted in October 2023.

Pakistan Air Force:

PAF Courses 08 MAY- 14 JUN 2023

ISSB Test Dates 2023 Schedule and Requirements

ISSB Test Schedule January to May 2023

Post Courses Duration
Army 150 PM L/C JUN-OCT 2023
LCC-21 AUG 2023
TCC-34  JUL- AUG 2023
Air Force PAF COURSES  NOV- DEC 2023
PAF LCC-21  NOV 2023

Last Date to Apply for ISSB 2023

The ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board) has announced the exam date for 2023. The ISSB test is scheduled to commence on the 15th of October, 2023, and will continue until the 20th of October, 2023. This single test has the power to profoundly impact your life by leading you towards a well-organized and disciplined path. Make sure to mark the ISSB Test Dates 2023 and adhere to them as mentioned on this webpage.


1. How can I register for the ISSB test online?

To enroll for the ISSB test online, candidates must visit the official website of the Inter Services Selection Board and carefully follow the instructions given for online registration. 

2. Is there a separate ISSB test for females?

Indeed, there is no distinct ISSB test for female candidates. The selection process remains the same for both male and female applicants, ensuring equal opportunities and fair evaluation for candidates of all genders.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for the ISSB test?

The eligibility criteria for the ISSB test may differ depending on the specific requirements of the armed forces. To obtain comprehensive information about the eligibility criteria, candidates can refer to the official website of the Inter Services Selection Board.

4. Can I retake the ISSB test if I fail?

Certainly, candidates who do not qualify in their initial attempt can reapply and participate in the ISSB test during subsequent sessions. They have the opportunity to try again in order to improve their chances of qualifying for the selection process.

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