ISI Jobs 2023 Pakistan Application Form (Apply Online

Join the prestigious ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) in Pakistan with ISI Jobs 2023. This is your chance to be part of a highly respected intelligence agency. You can easily apply online, streamlining the process. Expect an exciting and challenging career, working on classified projects, counter-terrorism, and more. ISI is known for its professionalism and dedication to national security. By applying, you can help safeguard Pakistan. If you’re brave, intelligent, and committed, don’t miss this opportunity. Apply today!

Details of ISI Jobs 2023

Organization Name: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)
Category: Government Jobs
Qualification: Minimum Graduate
Location: Across Pakistan
Last Updated: October 20th, 2023

About Inter-Services Intelligence

On January 1st, 1948, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was founded, making it 74 years old. It is in charge of coordinating the military services, including the Intelligence Bureau and Military Intelligence, and gathering intelligence. It is the most significant intelligence organisation in Pakistan. Officers from the armed forces, navy, and air force—the three arms of the military—are to oversee, direct, and manage the agency.

Its resource base was heavily devoted to gathering, evaluating, and analysing intelligence of all kinds, including air, naval, strategic, and even civilian intelligence. This organisation uses a wide variety of equipment while working with Special Operations Forces. First and foremost, the gear that the ISI Operatives are issued is Handguns: Glock, Heckler & Koch USP, FN Five-Seven. ISI’s juvenile division is called Covert Action Division. The Director-General of ISI at the moment is Lt. Gen. Nadeem Anjum.

ISI Jobs 2023 Pakistan Application Form (Apply Online

ISI Jobs 2023 Pakistan Application Form (Apply Online

Available Job Positions

  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Director Engineering
  • Assistant Director Computer Programming
  • Traffic Analyst Supervisor
  • Sub Divisional Officer
  • Charge Nurse
  • Assistant
  • Traffic Analyst
  • Sub Inspector
  • Security Sub Inspector
  • Telecommunication Sub Engineer
  • Electronics Sub Engineer
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Technician
  • Sub Divisional Officer
  • Upper Division Clerk UDC
  • Drafughtsman
  • AC Technician
  • Security
  • Assistant Sub Inspector
  • Operator Special
  • Lower Division Clerk LDC
  • Lady Health Visitor
  • ECG Technician

ISI Jobs 2023 Salary and Benefits

Without a question, ISI provides the greatest care possible for all of its employees. As it guarantees to provide every employee with the right platform for advancement, prospective workers will be astonished by the prospects that await them if they choose to work for this organisation. There is so much for you to discover, from gaining new talents to being financially successful. Some of the perks that this organisation offers to its staff in order to secure their financial security are mentioned below.

  • Job Security
  • Attractive Salaries
  • Medical Care
  • Retirement Plan
  • Accommodation
  • Allowances
  • Free Meal
  • Lifetime Pension
  • Compensation Packages
  • Job Training

How to Apply for ISI Jobs 2023 ?

You can find the simplest methods for applying for ISI Jobs in this section. Don’t forget to click the “Apply Here” button below to start the hiring process. Once you click, the Inter-Services website will open and all you have to do is search for positions in ISI. Select the job that most closely matches your qualifications. Download the application and job announcement. After carefully reading the prerequisites, complete the form. Once the necessary paperwork is attached, mail it to the address shown in the advertising.

Required For ISI Job Application 2023

Title Details
Job Location Pakistan
Age Limite 18 to 25 Years
Department ISI
Publish Date 28-11-2023
Last Date 11-07-2023
Salary Range Between 70,000 to 90,000
Gender Male and Female
Qualification Matric to Master
Height 5 feet 7 inch
Weight Between 50 to 60 KG
Domicile All Pakistan
Job type All time

ISI Government Eligibility Criteria of Pakistan

The Pakistan ISI qualifying requirements are as follows:

  • A Pakistani national
  • Must be a guy between the ages of 18 and 25. Must be Brave and Proud of the Country and Nation.
  • Must be in good physical shape.


What is the salary of an ISI agent in Pakistan?

Although the exact amount paid to an ISI operative in Pakistan is unknown, it is thought to range from 70,000 to 90,000 annually. An ISI agent’s pay will vary according to their position, education, and experience.

How does ISI recruit?

  • ISI uses a range of techniques to find new members, including as newspaper and magazine advertisements.
  • going to job fairs
  • Making contact with those who possess the qualifications and experience they want
    hiring via their own website
  • You need to send a cover letter, resume, and application form in order to apply for a position with ISI. An interview and a written exam will also be needed of you.

How do I become an assistant director at ISI?

  • In order to be appointed as an assistant director at ISI, one needs to meet the following requirements:
    a bachelor’s degree from an appropriate university, such as computer science, political science, or international relations.
  • A minimum of five years’ experience working for a military or government intelligence agency; Pakistani national.
  • Possession of a security clearance

What is the full form of the ISI Pakistani agency?

Inter-Services Intelligence is how the Pakistani agency ISI is officially known. Pakistan’s main intelligence organisation is ISI. Its duties include gathering and evaluating foreign intelligence, carrying out clandestine activities, and securing the government of Pakistan. 1948 saw the founding of ISI, not long after Pakistan gained its independence.


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