International Islamic University IIU Islamabad Jobs 2023

The International Islamic University (IIU) in Islamabad offers a plethora of exciting career opportunities in both academic and non-academic fields. As the university aims to bolster its workforce in August 2023, it has recently announced job openings for June and July 2023. These alluring prospects extend not only to Islamabad but also to various major cities across Pakistan, such as Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, and regions in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Sindh, Balochistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

The vacancies are open to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including trainees, fresh graduates, and seasoned professionals, who can apply for roles within the teaching and non-teaching faculties. The university actively seeks educators and skilled personnel from various fields to contribute to its academic and administrative pursuits.

For those enthusiastic about education and research, IIU presents an exceptional platform where they can significantly impact the academic progression and future of students. Regardless of whether candidates are experienced instructors or newcomers to their careers, IIU provides a nurturing environment for personal growth and development. It is a place where one can contribute to a company that values academic excellence while upholding Islamic principles.

To gain further insights into these exciting job opportunities, interested individuals can explore the employment listings in the reputable Daily Jang newspaper. Embracing this chance to collaborate with the International Islamic University can lead to the enrichment of knowledge, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and contributing to social advancement through education.


The esteemed International Islamic University (IIU) is opening up numerous employment opportunities in 2023, catering to both private and governmental roles. These highly sought-after job openings welcome individuals from diverse educational backgrounds, embracing graduates, inter-matriculation graduates, masters, and others, fostering an environment of inclusivity and equal opportunity.

Within the realms of IIU, vacancies for professors and associate professors are available, each role offering unique responsibilities. Candidates are expected to possess relevant qualifications and experience in their respective fields. Detailed information regarding remuneration, educational prerequisites, training, and qualifications can be found in the official job listings or communicated through the university’s recruitment channels.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to keep a close eye on the latest IIUI Jobs 2023 announcements to stay well-informed about specific job requisites and application procedures. This presents an invaluable prospect for talented individuals to contribute to the academic and research excellence of the illustrious International Islamic University.

For a comprehensive view of the job descriptions, including salary information, required education courses, training and qualifications, as well as experience details, interested candidates can explore the search for International Islamic University Jobs in both private and government sectors. This opportunity extends to graduates, inter-matriculation graduates, masters, and more, with both genders equally eligible. The latest IIUI Jobs 2023 for professors and associate professors have recently been announced, making this an opportune moment for aspiring candidates to embark on a rewarding journey at IIU University.


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HOW TO APPLY International Islamic University IIU Jobs

The content mentions that the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) is offering job positions in both academic and non-academic fields. It specifies that the university is providing BPS 21 for the role of Professor and BPS 20 for the position of Assistant Professor. The official website of the university,, is highlighted as the source of comprehensive information on these job opportunities, including eligibility terms, conditions, and the application procedure. This announcement presents a new and exciting opportunity for candidates seeking employment within the esteemed IIUI in various fields, offering positions at different levels of academic hierarchy.


The International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) has recently announced job opportunities for the positions of Professor and Associate Professor. The university encourages interested individuals to apply for these roles through the specified application procedure. The job advertisement provides detailed information about the job specifications and the process for submitting applications. For capable and qualified candidates, this presents a fantastic opportunity to pursue a rewarding career in academia and contribute to the academic success of IIUI.

International Islamic University IIU Islamabad Jobs 2023

Notably, these positions are specifically reserved for candidates from the Punjab Province, creating a significant chance for both male and female candidates in the region to secure prestigious academic roles. Qualified individuals from Punjab can now apply and bring their expertise and knowledge to contribute to the growth and development of IIUI while advancing their own academic careers. This recent job announcement reflects IIUI’s commitment to promoting academic excellence and attracting talented individuals to contribute to the institution’s educational mission.


Vacant Positions:

Department of Sociology 31-07-2023
Department of Pyschology (Female) 31-07-2023
Center for Language Teaching (CLT) 07-08-2023
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (BSEE, BSCE, BSc) 28/07/2023
Department of Biological Sciences (Female) 30/07/2023
Department of Politics & IR 25/07/2023
Department of Biological Sciences (Male) 31/07/2023
Department of Urdu (BS Urdu) 10/08/2023
Department of Urdu (BS Persian) 16/08/2023
Department of Environmental Science (Female Campus) 17/07/2023
Department of English (Female Campus) 10/08/2023
Faculty of Shariah & Law 31/07/2023
Department of English (Male Campus) 10/08/2023


The content encourages individuals to regularly visit the website to stay updated on job opportunities in both the private and government sectors, as well as to prepare for PPSC job tests. These positions are open to both genders, and interested candidates are advised to apply before the specified last date, which is in the year 2023. The appointments for these posts will be made based on various employment bases, such as the Tenure Track System (TTS), Contract, or Regular employment. The content emphasizes the importance of not missing out on this chance and urges interested applicants to apply promptly to seize these exciting career opportunities.

Department International Islamic University Islamabad IIUI.
Job type Government Job
Req. Education Matric, Intermediate (FA/ FSc/ ICS), Bachelor, Masters
Location Quota Pakistan (All Pakistan residents are eligible to apply)
Last Date to Apply 10 September 2023


For those aspiring to become Professors and Lecturers at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), possessing a Ph.D. degree from a Higher Education Commission (HEC)-recognized university or institution is a crucial requirement. The content encourages professionals with a strong interest in teaching jobs in Islamabad to apply, emphasizing that these roles present an excellent opportunity for individuals with the right qualifications and a passion for academia. Successful candidates will have the chance to contribute to IIUI’s academic excellence and research endeavors, making it a highly rewarding career prospect. The content further highlights that those interested in pursuing a career in Islamabad or seeking prestigious positions as Professors or Lecturers should not miss this opportunity. It urges them to apply promptly, as this is a chance to showcase their expertise, dedication to education, and commitment to advancing research within a reputable academic institution.


1. What is the last date of IIUI 2023?

IIUI admission 2023 last date is 28 July 2023

2. Is Admission open in IIUI 2023?

International Islamic University Islamabad admission office has announced that admission are open for session 2023.

3. Is there a uniform in IIUI?

Students must maintain a minimum attendance of 80% in each subject to be eligible for the final examination. Additionally, wearing the uniform is mandatory from the first day of enrollment. These policies ensure discipline and academic commitment within the educational institution.

4. What is the eligibility for IIU?

To be eligible for admission, candidates must have completed Matric Science with a minimum of 40% marks from a recognized Secondary Education Board. Those with supplementary exams in the same academic year are not eligible. Additionally, applicants are required to take an Objective Type Matric Level Admission Test covering English, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry subjects. These criteria ensure that only qualified and academically competent students are considered for admission.

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