CECOS University Peshawar Admission 2023 Last Date

If you’re looking for the CECOS University Peshawar Admission Deadline 2023, you’ve come to the correct site. You may examine the whole admissions procedure here and submit an online application for admission. Admissions are now open for many Bachelor’s and Postgraduate degrees. Therefore, submit your application before the deadline if you’re also interested.

In the year 1986, CECOS University was founded in Peshawar, KPK. It was established with the intention of providing students with the best education possible. There are several undergraduate and graduate studies offered. It offers both engineering and non-engineering studies each year. The students get the chance to learn under the guidance of renowned academics in a supportive learning environment. It has recently launched applications for several departments. So, proceed down and complete a downloadable 

Download CECOS University Application Form

The CECOS University application form is regularly accessible for download from the official website. Candidates must fill out all areas on this form in order to provide the institution with the information it requires on their background and objectives.

CECOS University Peshawar Admission 2023 Last Date

CECOS University Peshawar Admission 2023 Last Date

Available Programs at CECOS University Peshawar

For the fall of 2023, CECOS University Peshawar is taking applications for the BS courses listed below.

  1. BS Civil Engineering
  2. BS Electrical Engineering
  3. BS Mechanical Engineering
  4. BS Computer Science
  5. BS Software Engineering
  6. BS English
  7. BS Mathematics
  8. BS Civil Engineering Technology
  9. BS Electrical Engineering Technology
  10. BS Mechanical Engineering Technology * BS Biotechnology
  11. BS Microbiology
  12. Bachelors of Architecture
  13. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  14. BS Medical Lab Technology (BS MLT)
  15. Bachelor in Business Administration
  16. BS Accounting and Finance
  17. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)

For the fall of 2023 at CECOS University Peshawar, applications for the following programmes are now being accepted.

  1. MPhil Civil Engineering
  2. MPhil Electrical Engineering
  3. MPhil Mechanical Engineering
  4. MPhil Engineering Management
  5. MPhil Civil Technology
  6. MPhil Electrical Technology
  7. Master of Architecture (MPhil Architecture)
  8. Master in Business Administration MBA
  9. MPhil Management Sciences
  10. MPhil Computer Science
  11. MPhil Software Engineering
  12. MPhil Mathematics
  13. MPhil Biotechnology

For the autumn of 2023, CECOS University Peshawar is accepting applications for the following PhD degrees.

  1. PhD Civil Engineering
  2. PhD Electrical Engineering
  3. PhD Management Sciences
  4. PhD Computer Science
  5. PhD Mathematics

How to apply for the CECOS University Peshawar Admissions Fall 2023?

CECOS University Peshawar is now taking applications for both undergraduate and graduate studies for enrollment in the autumn of 2023. To expedite the application process, prospective students are advised to use the university’s online application portal.

Detailed information about admission criteria, fee structures, eligibility requirements, and other essential admission facts is readily available on the CECOS University Peshawar official website. This online tool, which provides a comprehensive overview of what is necessary to submit an effective application for admission to their chosen programmes, is useful to all candidates.

With the convenience of online applications and easily accessible admission information, CECOS University Peshawar aims to speed up the admissions process and make sure that prospective students have the information and tools they need to begin their studies.Studies start their journey towards the 2023 autumn semester.

Scholarships at CECOS

Numerous scholarships are available from the CECOS University. Any industrial worker’s child is eligible for free education. 90% of Intermediate students will have their fees waived entirely. Students who scored 80% or better on their Intermediate test are also eligible. With this, the university has made a really great move. You may also be qualified to apply for a scholarship if you meet the requirements for CECOS University Peshawar Admission 2023 and are interested in attending this institution to earn a degree.

CECOS is accepting applications from people who have achieved their intermediate or graduate degrees as well. It’s a fantastic chance to join a recognised organisation. Every year, a substantial number of students apply for it, and many of them are now thinking about applying. On October 6, 2023, applications must be submitted. Our discussion on the 2023 CECOS University Peshawar Admissions Deadline is now complete. I sincerely hope the post is acceptable to you. For further updates, stay in contact with us.

CECOS Peshawar Admission Eligibility Criteria 2023

To be eligible for admission to an Intermediate (HSSC) program, applicants must have completed their HSSC or an equivalent qualification with Mathematics. The equivalency of their qualification should be certified by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). Additionally, candidates should have achieved a minimum of 50% marks in their HSSC or equivalent examination.
Furthermore, they must have successfully passed the CECOS or NTS Entry Test. This requirement ensures that applicants have the necessary skills and knowledge in mathematics to excel in the intermediate program. Meeting these criteria demonstrates the candidate’s readiness for the academic challenges of the program and their ability to perform well in mathematics-related subjects. This combination of educational qualifications and test results ensures that the applicants are adequately prepared for the intermediate level of education.

cecos university peshawar admission 2023 last date

The CECOS University Peshawar application deadline is slated for October 6, 2023. The deadline for prospective students to submit their university admissions applications is this day. It’s an important date since it affects whether or not candidates will be taken into consideration for admission to the following academic session.
All relevant paperwork, like as transcripts, certificates, and any other documentation, must be presented by this date if a student want to continue their studies at CECOS University in Peshawar. Their hopes of pursuing further education may be severely hampered if their applications are denied as a result of missing the application deadline.

Online admission in cecos university peshawar

  1. Online Application: Applicants can apply from anywhere using the university’s official website, www.cecos.edu.pk.
  2. Create Login: Click the “APPLY NOW” button on the website to create a login for the application process.
  3. Bank Account Details: Payment details for the application fee are provided, allowing applicants to complete the payment.
  4. Paper Application: Alternatively, a paper application option is available for those who prefer traditional methods.

Fee structure of cecos university peshawar

All interested applicants may quickly obtain the advertising, fee schedule, and online admission form from this website below. In the CECOS University Peshawar campus, the waiting lists and merit lists for the entry test are simultaneously posted.


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