BISP Tehsil Office Check Online

The BISP tehsil office operates as a supportive conduit for Benazir’s cause, ingeniously tailored to extend financial aid. To tap into the manifold benefits of the BISP, individuals must satisfactorily finalize their enrollment at the corresponding tehsil office. Once this initial rite is accomplished, the gates of eligibility swing open to welcome them into the program’s fold. At this juncture of eligibility attainment, participants find themselves on the receiving end of a monthly stipend.

At the helm of the Tehsil Office’s dominion, a solitary Tehsil Officer holds sway. This bastion of administration bears the solemn onus of ensuring that financial succor from the Benazir Income Support Program bequeaths itself exclusively to those who squarely fit the program’s stringent criteria.

Financial succor emanating from the BISP reservoir is a haven reserved solely for those who hold membership in the coveted Benazir Income Support Program. The unfailing prerequisite is a voyage through the channels of registration within the BISP echelons to stake a rightful claim to this lifeline of economic benevolence.

In this trajectory, it is the counsel of wisdom to embark upon a pilgrimage to the very halls of the Benazir tehsil office, where the scrolls of registration are unraveled. Upon the culmination of this intricate rite, the gateway to the monthly stipend unfastens itself, and the entitled beneficiaries stand on the threshold of a financial haven. An alternate path unfurls as well, paved in bits and bytes, inviting virtual travelers to venture into the realm of online registration.

In the labyrinthine labyrinth of registration, the guardians of eligibility demand the imprimatur of one’s CNIC number and the cartographic coordinates of their dwelling. These classified beacons are harnessed for the sacred ritual of enrollment into the program’s sanctum.

BISP Tehsil Office Check Online

BISP Tehsil Office Check Online

BISP Registration Center

Embarking upon the journey to partake in the BISP program necessitates your initial stride to grace the threshold of the Benazir Income Support Program Registration Center, where the gateway to transformative aid beckons.

A tapestry of registration unfurls, with options diversifying like paths in a verdant forest. One avenue requires your physical presence at the PISP registration sanctuary, while the other unfolds in the virtual realm, accessible via the online conduit.

Foraying into the realm of online registration entails a choreography of digital steps. Your inaugural move is to traverse the electronic arteries of the BISP website. Within this cybernetic haven, the quest commences as you furnish your CNIC number, an insignia of identity, and the intricate coordinates of your homestead.

As these puzzle pieces snugly nestle into place, the saga of your registration unfolds its final chapter. Yet, should the narrative of post-registration tribulations cast its shadow upon your path, an oasis of solution awaits at the nearest Benazir bastion. Within those hallowed halls, a congregation of guardians stands prepared to untangle the knots of your predicament.

Thus, the counsel resonates that a sojourn to the Registration Center is a prudent investment, ensuring the roots of your eligibility take firm hold, thereby bestowing upon you the full tapestry of benefits this program unfurls.

A divergent route emerges as well, an ethereal dance known as the BISP 8171 Online Apply, inviting the seeker to partake in this digital minuet.


BISP 8171 Result 2023

The inception of the BISP initiative seamlessly dovetailed with the Ehsaas program, a response to the surging tide of inflation. This confluence in purpose led to the subsequent expansion of its financial allocation, with a resolute ambition to amplify the mantle of support tendered to the marginalized strata woven across the expanse of our nation.

This aspiration, chiseled from noble intentions, was etched to carve a more promising trajectory for the existence of these individuals, orchestrating a tapestry wherein the bloom of better educational prospects for their progeny could flourish. To augment these endeavors, the Federal Minister, Shazia Murri, orchestrated the resurgence of the BISP endeavor.

Nestled within this renaissance lies the clarion call for individuals, be they nascent aspirants, those once deemed ineligible, or erstwhile beneficiaries, to engage in the rhythm of re-registration. Moreover, a digital avenue extends an invitation to ascertain eligibility, an expedition that beckons by revealing its map on the canvas of the online realm. For this digital quest, the penultimate chalice is the submission of one’s ID card number, a telephone beacon, and the geographic blueprint of one’s habitation. As these mosaic fragments find their place, the mosaic of registration concludes its mosaic.

For souls already ensconced within the program’s sanctum, the BISP portal unfurls its scroll, a scroll endowed with the alchemy to fathom the sustenance of their eligibility’s flame.

BISP 8171

You have the option to check your eligibility for the BISP program online. Enrolling in this initiative grants you access to eligibility details, and eligible families can also ascertain their suitability through BESP.

Numerous deserving families aspire to join this program but are uncertain about the registration procedure. The process of enrolling in this program is straightforward.

Begin by visiting the BISP portal. Once there, input your ID card number, residential address, and CNIC number. Subsequently, you will receive a notification indicating whether you have been successfully enrolled in the program.

Alternatively, if accessing the BISP portal is not feasible, online registration is also available. For online registration, you will need to provide details such as your CNIC number, residential address, and ID card number.

Moreover, registering for this program necessitates furnishing comprehensive household information. This data aids the government in comprehending your household’s circumstances. It’s noteworthy that households with higher incomes might not qualify for registration.

BISP 8171 Portal

Online registration for BISP 8171 has been initiated, urging individuals to promptly join the BISP program and become eligible to receive financial support from the Government of Pakistan.

To assess your eligibility, start by accessing the official government website and completing the provided application form.

The Government of Pakistan has introduced this widespread program, benefitting economically disadvantaged individuals across the entire country. Substantial amounts such as 14000, 2000, 12000, 4000, and others are being provided to eligible recipients.

Missing out on registration in this program could be a significant drawback if you are in need. Seize the opportunity to be a part of this initiative without delay.

The program’s prerequisites have been updated to facilitate the online registration process through CNIC details for those individuals previously registered by the Government of Pakistan.

How to Check Eligibility Through The 8171 Portal?

Benazir Income Support Programme has introduced a fresh online portal for the convenience of eligible individuals seeking to enroll in the program. Through this portal, eligible individuals can conveniently register their eligibility online. Once successfully registered in the BISP program, you gain the ability to verify your eligibility status.

Eligibility confirmation will be provided to you if you meet the necessary criteria for program enrollment. However, it’s important to note that individuals holding government positions or jobs will not be eligible for registration in this program.

How to Register for BISP 8171?

Under the guidance of BISP Chairman Shazia Murri, the revival of this program has been initiated. The persistent surge in inflation has led to the hardship faced by numerous impoverished families, rendering their lives considerably challenging.

Pakistan has a substantial number of unemployed individuals, and a significant portion includes widowed women who are struggling. To extend a lifeline to those who have not yet enrolled in this program, its reinstatement has taken place. This offers them an opportunity to swiftly register, granting a chance for those previously deemed ineligible to reapply.

How do I check my Benazir Income Support by CNIC?

Dr. Sania Nishtar has announced that needy families can send their ID card number to 8171 using their CNIC number in order to join in the Ehsaas Kafalat program or check their eligibility.

You will then get a notification letting you know whether or not your program registration was successful.

You are qualified to receive a monthly stipend after completing registration successfully. The data offered comes from the official website of the government and other trustworthy sources.

To avoid any potential danger, it’s crucial to use caution and avoid disclosing your mobile or ID card number. Do not hesitate to contact us if you run into any problems. Your assistance is much valued.

All Regional BISP Offices in Punjab

Name Designation Contact Address Email Address
Mr. Bilal Majeed Director General (Punjab) 042-35219118 48-L Model Town (Extension), Lahore [email protected]
Mr. Sagheer Ahmad Mirani Director (HQs) Punjab 042-35219178 48-L Model Town (Extension), Lahore [email protected]
Mr. Sagheer Ahmad Mirani Divisional Director Lahore 042-35219179 48-L Model Town (Extension), Lahore [email protected]
Mr. Amin Ahmad Divisional Director Bahawalpur 062-2882560 House No. 7/B, Umar Shaheed Road, Model Town A, Ahmadpur Road, Bahawalpur [email protected]
Mr. Zafar Kamal Divisional Director Sahiwal 040-4221414 House No.561/1, Police Line Road, Sahiwal [email protected]
Mr. Muqaddas Tanveer Cheema (Add. Charge) Divisional Director Sargodha 048-3210079 House No.178, Chatha Town, Sharif Garden Road, Near Qenchi Moar, Sargodha [email protected]
Mr. Zaffar Kamal (Add. Charge) Divisional Director DG Khan 064-2461412 House No.439 Near Imam Bargah, Shah Sikandar Road, Dera Ghazi Khan [email protected]
Mr.Mirza Muhammad Nawaz Division Director Rawalpindi 051-9281132 House No 805, St No 1, Chaklala Scheme- III, Rawalpindi [email protected]
Mr. Muqaddas Tanveer Cheema Division Director Gujranwala 055-9330672 Street No.1, Mian Zia ul Haq Road, Civil Lines, Gujranwala. [email protected]
Mr. Muqarrab Mukhtar Division Director Faisalabad 041-2421309 P-695,Batala Colony near Rabia Trust Hospital, Faislabad [email protected]
Mr. Zafar Kamal (Add. Charge) Divisional Director Multan 061-9330600,


230 – Tughlaq Town, Near Bus Stand, Multan [email protected]
Regional Offices in Balochistan        
Engr. Muhammad Awaz Baloch Acting Director General 081-2870156/7 House No. 450/175 B, Haji Sardar Muhammad Tahir Street, Jinnah Town Quetta. [email protected]
Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Director HQ 081-2870156/7 House No. 450/175 B, Haji Sardar Muhammad Tahir Street, Jinnah Town Quetta. [email protected]
Engr. Muhammad Awaz Baloch Divisional Director Quetta 081-2444433 Arbab Karam Khan Road Opposite Killi Sheikhan School, Quetta. [email protected]
Engr. Muhammad Awaz Baloch Add. Charge Divisional Director Rakshan 0847-510822 Divisional Office, Secretariat Road near DC Office, District Kharan. [email protected]
Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Ali Rodeni Divisional Director Kalat 0853-610264 Near Afzal Petroleum Awandan Road Aslam Colony, Tehsil Uthal District Lasbela [email protected]
Mr. Ghulam Shah Divisional Director Makran 0852-414064 Commissioner Road, Near Park Hotel, District Kech [email protected]
Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Marri Divisional Director Sibi 0833-500195/6 Silachi Marhi, Sohbat Sarai Road, District Sibi. [email protected]
Mr. Muhammad khan Khosa Divisional Director Naseerabad 0838-710085 BISP Divisional Office, Near Civil Hospital Ward No. 4, Dera Murad Jamali, District Naseerabad. [email protected]
Mr. Syed Waheed Ullah Shah Divisional Director Zhob 0824-411066 House No. 1993, Garden Town Levis Line, District Loralai. [email protected]
Regional Offices in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa/FATA        
Mr. Irfan Aman Yusufzai Director General KPK/FATA 091-9331791 House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite Tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar. [email protected]
Mr. Rasheed Noor Director HQ 091-5815421 House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar [email protected]
Mr. Zia Ur Rehman Dy Director (Operations) 091-5817775 House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar [email protected]
Mr. Hassan Afridi Dy Director (WeT) 091-5816007 House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar [email protected]
Mr. Jan Bahadar Divisional Director, Peshawar 091-9331649 H #,06,Rehman lane, Opposite NADRA Mega Center, Tehkal Payan jamrud Road Peshawar [email protected]
Mr. Sher Daraz Divisional Director Bannu 0928-633204 House No.282/A, Phase 1, Bannu Township. [email protected]
Mr. Nawab Gul Divisional Director Malakand 0932-411028 Oppossite GPO, Markaz Abad, Batkhela, District Malakand [email protected]
Mr. Farooq Sultan Divisional Director Kohat 0922-513113 House No. 93, Phase-2B2, Near Masjid Muhammad KDA, Kohat [email protected]
Ms.Saima Bibi Divisional Director Hazara 0992-341260 H#57, Street # 17, PMA Kakul Road Shahzaman Colony, Abbottabad. [email protected]
Mr.Muzaffar Ali Barki Divisional Director DI Khan 0966-732634 Kokab Colony Opposite Kanz College, West Circular Road, DI Khan [email protected]
Mr.Abdul Jalil Khan Divisional Director Mardan 0937-840075 Oppossite GPO, Markaz Abad, Batkhela, District Malakand [email protected]
Regional Office in AJK        
Mr.Raja Kaleem ullah Khan Regional Director (AJ&K) 05822-924111 Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter Muzaffarabad AJ&K. [email protected]
Mr.Raja Ghazanfar Ali Dy. Director, (HQ) AJ&K 05822-924111 Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter Muzaffarabad AJ&K.  
Mr. Saeed Ahmed Shwl Divisional Dy. Director, Muzaffarabad 05822-924132 Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter Muzaffarabad AJ&K. [email protected]
Mr.Raja Muhammad Ayaz Khan Divisional Dy. Director, Mirpur 05827-924111 House No. 80 Sector F-2 Near Gulzare- e-Habib Mosque Mirpur AJK. [email protected]
Ms.Sanam Nazir Khan Divisional Dy. Director(Current Charge), Poonch 05824-920033 Near UBL Bank Road Rawalakot AJK. [email protected]
Regional Office in Gilgit Baltistan        
Engr. Mumtaz Hussain Regional Director GB 05811-920980

Off. 05811- 920983-Fax

BISP Regional Directorate Opposite GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit.. [email protected]
Mr. Bilal Hussain Dy Director HQ 05811-922681

Off. 05811- 920983-Fax

BISP Regional Directorate Opposite GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit. [email protected]
Dr. Ali Murad Khan Dy Director Gilgit 05811-920984

Off. 05811- 920985-Fax

BISP Regional Directorate Opposite GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit. [email protected]
Mr.Wazir Israr Haider Dy Director Skardu 05811-920117

Off. 05811- 920116-Fax

Muhib Road Near Aga Hadi Chowk Skardu. [email protected]
Regional Offices in Sindh        
Mr.Abdur Rahim Shaikh Director General Sindh 021-99333067

Fax 021-


Regional Office BISP House No B-39, Block -11, Near AGPR NIPA, Gulshan-e- Iqbal, Karachi [email protected]
Ms. Fouzia Basharat Samo Director HQ Sindh 021-99333079 Regional Office BISP House No B-39, Block -11, Near AGPR NIPA, Gulshan-e- Iqbal, Karachi [email protected]
Ms. Fouzia Basharat Samo Addl Charge Divisional Director Lyari 021-99251512,



Plot No. ST-21, Sindh Govt. Circuit House No. 2(Old Balochistan House), Clifton Block-II, Near Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi [email protected]
Mr. Riaz-ul-Hassan Divisional Director Karachi 021-34961010-12 House No D-8, Gulnab Housing Society, Behind Samama Shopping Center Gulistan e Johar Karachi [email protected]
Mr.Altaf Ahmed Memon Divisional Director Hyderabad 022-2117113 Bungalow No. A-23 behind Bahria College Gulistan-e- Sajjad, Hyderabad [email protected]
Mr. Altaf Ahmed Memon Addl Charge Divisional Director Mirpur Khas 0233-9290394 House No: B-59 Deh 108 Ali Town, Main Hyderabad Road Mirpurkhas [email protected]
Mr. Jameel Ahmed Shaikh Divisional Director Sukkur 071-9310033 071-


Bungalow # 64 Yousef Masjed near Punjab College Shikarpur road Sukkur [email protected]
Mr. Rahim Baksh Rathore Divisional Director Larkana 074-4756077 House No 107, 60 Feet Street, Near Khohra Sports Complex, Sachal Colony Larkana [email protected]
Mr. Haroon Bahlmani Divisional Director Sh Benazir Abad 0244-9370360,



House no 53-54, Sarfaraz Shah Colony near Excise and Taxation Office Nawabshah Shaheed Benazirabad [email protected]

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