Bahimat Buzurg Program 2023 Online Registration New Update

In our society, there are elderly individuals who require assistance to fulfill their needs, whether they are financial or physical in nature. Unfortunately, the government has initiated only a few programs specifically designed for the elderly, and there are limited departments dedicated to addressing their concerns. Even when funds are allocated, they often fail to reach the intended beneficiaries. On October 8, 2011, the Government of Pakistan introduced the Bahimat Buzurg Program with the objective of aiding the elderly in society and empowering them to become self-sufficient. The budget allocated for this program exceeds 2 million units.

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Bahimat Buzurg Program 2023 Online Registration New Update

The primary objective of implementing the Bahimat Buzurg Program was to provide financial support to elderly individuals in society. Under this program, the government of Pakistan, led by Imran Khan’s administration, aims to assist senior citizens by disbursing funds to meet their needs. The program targets individuals who are 65 years old or above, and its noteworthy feature is that beneficiaries can receive assistance from the program every three months. Since its inception, the program has been effectively serving its purpose and benefiting numerous individuals.

How to apply in Bahimat Buzurg Program A Step-by-Step Guide

Prerequisite for Registration in Bahimat Buzurg Program

  • Ensure that you are 65 years old or above to be eligible for the program.
  • Go to the official website of the Government of Pakistan.
  • Navigate to Bahimat Buzurg Program Section: Look for the Bahimat Buzurg Program section on the website.
  • Click on the registration option provided within the Bahimat Buzurg Program section.
  • Prepare the necessary documents as per the program’s requirements and submit them through the registration process.
  • Follow the registration instructions provided on the website and complete the registration process.
  • Once you have successfully enrolled, a representative from the program, such as the Bank of Punjab (BOP), will get in touch with you.
  • During the contact, expect to answer a few questions posed by the representative.
  • After the verification process, the funds under the Bahimat Buzurg program will be disbursed to you.

How to check bahimmit buzurg program money

To conveniently check the amount allocated through the Bahimat Buzurg Program, an ATM card proves to be the simplest method. By inserting the card into an ATM, beneficiaries can easily view their remaining funds. Additionally, another option is to contact the Bank of Punjab and provide necessary details to inquire about the account balance. The ATM card provided by the Bank of Punjab can be used at any bank, facilitating easy access. The user-friendly process ensures a hassle-free experience when utilizing the ATM services.

Find an ATM machine nearby.

  • Insert your Bahimat Buzurg Program ATM card into the machine.
  • Input your unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) using the keypad provided.
  • Your current balance will be displayed on the screen, showing the amount available to you.
  • Choose the desired transaction option based on your requirements.
  • If needed, select the withdrawal option and follow the prompts to withdraw money from the ATM.

Eligibility Criteria For BaHimmat Buzurg Program 2023

The Punjab Bahamat Buzurg Program was established to assist individuals aged 65 or above who are in need. In recent years, the government of Pakistan has allocated a substantial budget of three billion rupees to support this program. Beneficiaries will receive a monthly payment of two thousand rupees, enabling them to fulfill their essential requirements.

This program, initiated by the government of Pakistan, is highly commendable as it empowers senior citizens to meet their needs independently without relying on others. To bridge the gap, the Punjab Social Protection Authority has introduced the Bahamat program, ensuring dignified social pensions for senior citizens in Punjab. Moreover, these elderly individuals will serve as ambassadors by spreading significant social messages within their villages.

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